Meet our World Art Saudi Curator

Gottfried Eisenberger

Gottfried Eisenberger is a curator with extensive experience and a deep passion for the arts. As the founder of, an innovative web application for art fairs, galleries, and artists, Gottfried has revolutionized the way visitors engage with art exhibitions. With insights gained from working closely with artists and galleries around the world, he has developed an exceptional curatorial expertise. As curator of World Art Saudi and a member of the Florence Biennale advisory board, Gottfried brings profound knowledge and contribution to the international art scene.

Art Blog

Key artists to check out in 2021

Artists have united from all corners of the globe for the seventh edition of World Art Dubai, with more than 200 local and international artists and galleries displaying over 2,000 pieces across a range of disciplines.

How the pandemic has shaped the art scene

With many galleries and museums across the globe closed or having had a spell of closure over the past year, the art scene has naturally felt the effects of the pandemic.

Artists To Look Out For At World Art Dubai

As consumer tastes continue to evolve, so too do art forms. The latest trend - heavily represented at this year’s World Art Dubai.

The local art scene can only thrive with wider support

By Batool Jafri | Dubai’s art scene is young, but it has the right energy to blossom. It is growing every day and, in comparison to the rest of the world, it is a glamorous community.