Connect with Saudi’s thriving arts community at World Art Saudi

The Saudi Arabian art community is a dynamic and rapidly growing scene, with visual arts being a cornerstone of the culture. Connecting with this community can open up new opportunities for exposure and collaboration, enabling opportunities for new creative expression, engagement of local and international members of the art community, knowledge transfer, and more.




Give your artwork exposure to a new audience, build your reputation and increase the visibility of your work and get noticed by the Saudi art community.

Access to potential buyers

Saudi Art fairs attract a variety of people, including art collectors, gallerists, and curators. By exhibiting your work at WAS, will give you the opportunity to connect with potential buyers who are interested in collecting art.

Networking opportunities

WAS can be a great place to meet other artists and art professionals. By networking with audience in the Saudi art scene, you may be able to make valuable connections that can lead to future opportunities.

Cultural exchange

Share your artistic perspective with a new culture, and learn about the local art scene of Saudi Arabia in return. Gain a valuable experience in terms of expanding your artistic horizons and with new insights into the global art market.

Investment potential

The Saudi art market is growing, and there is potential for artists to benefit from this growth. By exhibiting your work at WAS, you may be able to tap into this potential and position your art for long-term investment.

Be part of an exciting new venture, sharing all forms of artistic expression, from paintings to digital art, and photography to sculptures.